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All the babies on this page are
wearing the exact same diaper!

PooPockets! are one-size diapers that...

  • Fit comfortably on small, medium and large babies and toddlers.
  • Feature elasticized leg gussets for superior leakage protection.
  • Save the Earth!
  • Save you money!

Best of all...

  • PooPockets! can be purchased ready-to wear, or...
  • You can SEW YOUR OWN PooPockets! with the  PooPockets! Diaper Pattern, even if you are a beginning seamstress.
  • PooPockets! Diapers are easy to use, simply place them into a diaper
    cover with velcro-type closure and fasten.

PooPockets truly are one-size!
They fit babies and toddlers from
6 to 30+ pounds. 
Simply fold in the front and/or back for a nice trim fit.

    small                 medium                   large    

PooPockets have GUSSETS!
Gussets are inserts of material with elasticized
edges that shape the diaper without gathering it,
creating a "pocket" to hold messy leaks.

PooPockets wash up clean every time!
No gathers mean no nooks and crannies for 
solid waste to lurk in.  This makes cleaning a
breeze and reduces bacterial growth.







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